Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Fit To Eat all about?

    Fit To Eat is a healthy meal delivery, and corporate catering service bringing a convenient and results-oriented dining experience to your doorstep every single day. We care about each individual client and we know how to exceed customer service expectations. We also cater special events and offer corporate catering so inquire with one of our customer service representatives and get more information.

  • How does Fit To Eat daily meal plan system work?

    Sign up online or give us a call. Select one of the Fit To Eat plans and get started! Let us know about 10 of your “dislikes” and/or allergies, that way we can customize delicious meals with your restrictions in mind and allow you to eat foods you actually like! We also customize meal plans keeping your specific goals in mind so let us know about anything you may feel is relevant or of importance. The best part – each day you get to enjoy our meals made fresh with passion and your health in mind.

  • What makes Fit To Eat program more effective than any other?

    Understanding that not all calories are equal, that you have to eat the right foods, the right amount and in proper combination to feel great on the inside and out is key! But not to worry, just let Fit To Eat take care of it and you can simply reap the benefits! The Fit To Eat daily meal plan will show you how easy it is to keep your metabolism in full gear using all the calories you are feeding it, and will help you reach your goals no matter how big or small! Each day, you will consume a daily balance of protein, carbohydrates and healthy omega-rich fat PLUS all the approved vegetables you want. This means that we do all the work of shopping, preparing, portioning and calorie counting for you! All you have to do is enjoy! Easy!

  • Can I afford the Fit To Eat daily meal plan?

    Of course you can because we know that no two people are alike, have the same tastes, schedule or budget and that’s why we offer a very flexible program which allows you to select between 3-6 days a week and 3-6 meals a day (keep in mind that the more meals you get from us, the more benefits you will reap). Our full program is based on 5 meals a day (2 snacks, 3 meals). When you think about it, on average, most people spend anywhere from $10-$20 on each meal and that doesn’t mean it’s good for you, have all the essential macronutrients, vitamins and minerals you need!

  • Where does Fit To Eat deliver?

    Fit To Eat currently services our clients daily in Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Beamsville, Vineland, Lincoln, St. Catharines, Welland, Thorold, Niagara, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Pelham, and everything in between. Additional charges may apply for locations west of Grimsby and south of Thorold, but we are happy to go the distance for our clients! Locations

  • When will I receive my food from Fit To Eat?

    Daily delivery hours range (please select the one that works best for you and in your area). Depending on the delivery window you selected, we may ring your bell or leave it by your front door (or wherever you ask us to put it). Either way, your food will be packed in a cooler bag with ice packs to stay fresh and cool. We recommend you bring in your cooler and place the food in the fridge as soon as possible so that your meals stay fresh.

  • How do I stop delivery for a particular day?

    Simply give us a call or send us an email 72 hours prior to the date you want to cancel or hold and we will gladly wait to see you again soon!

  • How many calories am I consuming on the Fit To Eat plan?

    That all depends on your goal and your personalized plan. Our typical plan is 2 snacks and 3 meals a day and range from 1300-1800 calories per day depending on your gender and your goal. Customized plans and higher or lower caloric ranges or specific breakdown of macronutrients are available upon request however additional fees may be applicable.

  • How do I reheat my Fit To Eat food?

    Ideally, when reheating is required, we suggest you use a frying pan to do so. We realize that a microwave may be more convenient so all the meals that require reheating are packaged in microwave-safe containers just in case. Simply pop off the lid and place it loosely back on top so that you don’t make a mess and microwave on high for approximately 45-90 seconds depending on your microwave. In the event that you have fruit or containers for sauces as part of your meal, remove those first before heating.

  • What do I do with my empty Fit To Eat cooler bag?

    Simply leave outside your door (or with your doorman if you live in a condo) and one of our drivers will pick it up when he drops off your next days’ food in another cooler bag! Simple!

  • What happens if I’m not home when the package arrives?

    Once you have selected a delivery window and delivery day, it is your responsibility to be home to receive your cooler (or arrange to have someone to receive it on your behalf as the items are perishable). Please place your meals in the refrigerator in a timely manner once the delivery window has passed. In the summer months, it is even more important to refrigerate your meals immediately once delivered.

  • How does the food stay fresh when you deliver 3 days at a time?

    Different foods have different shelf life so it is important to eat the foods on the days they are assigned to you. For example, if salmon is on your Monday menu, do not eat it on Wednesday as the shelf life is short. Instead stick to the plan and the menus as outlined for you day by day.

  • Can I mix up my meals or do I have to follow the menu as outlined?

    Following the menu as outlined is optimal for best results. There is a mad Fit To Eat science behind why we recommend you eat your meals as outlines so do your best not to get off track. In addition, certain meals have different shelf life so it is important to eat the meals on the days they are assigned to you. For example, if egg salad is on your Thursday menu (1st day of 2nd 3 day delivery cycle), do not save it and eat it on Saturday as the shelf life is short (egg salad + 3 days old = spoiled). Instead stick to the plan and the menus as outlined for you day by day.

  • What can I do to ensure success on the Fit To Eat program?

    Many things but here are our top 5:
    (1), we recommend you stick to the plan and eat your 2 snacks and 3 meals a day, even if you are not hungry to keep your metabolism in full gear.
    (2) We suggest you consume a minimum of 2 L of water a day to help flush out all those unwanted toxins and keep your bowel health in check.
    (3) Consume all your meals by 8pm at the latest (and at least 2 hours before going to bed).
    (4) Limit (ideally omit) all alcohol and caffeine.
    (5) Speak to your doctor and incorporate an exercise program to assist in hitting your goal.
    (Bonus) Have fun!

  • Can I add condiments, herbs and spices to my meals?

    Yes, however look out for high sodium, high fat and sugar loaded condiments and sauces. Use salt sparingly and feel free to add dry or fresh herbs.

  • Is the Fit To Eat plan only for weight loss?

    No! Many Fit To Eat™ clients have joined us for many different reasons: some for healthy eating habits, some for lifestyle changes, some for medical reasons (Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, etc), some for the convenience and delicious meals we prepare and others for sport-specific goals. So even if weight loss is not your goal, give Fit To Eat™ a try and reap all the benefits of healthy eating such as increased energy, improved mood, increased self-esteem, better sleep, reduced body fat, decrease cholesterol and blood pressure and overall health.

  • What if I’m still hungry?

    Although we rarely have anyone use the word “hungry”, if you do in fact feel between meals or after dinner (your last meal), feel free to have some Fit To Eat™ HWCFs (high water content foods) to tie you over. Ask one of our customer service representatives to send you a list of approved foods to eat when you feel the need. Of course we understand that some clients may be very active with sports, at work or training for a particular sport and require additional calories so please be sure to let us know and we can increase your caloric intake for the day.

  • Can I drink alcohol on the Fit To Eat plan?

    You are your own boss so the decision is yours however in our opinion, it is not recommended (especially if weight loss if your goal or Diabetes is an issue). When you consume alcohol you take in “empty” calories, i.e. calories with no nutritional value. So easy to overlook, at 7 calories per gram for pure alcohol, it is nearly twice as fattening as carbohydrates or protein which contain 4 grams. This is not too far from fat, whose caloric value is 9 calories per gram. Alcohol has also been shown to increase appetite, easily leading to unintentional overeating and therefore counterintuitive to effective weight loss. Considering it is a depressant, alcohol also works against mood elevation. Not too appealing for weight loss when you analyze the facts, is it? But, you are the boss of you so if you decide to include alcohol in your diet, we recommend that you do so in moderation and stick to wine, or clear alcohol (ie: vodka with water or vodka soda) and avoid the sugary juices and pop that go along with your drink.

  • What can I drink on the Fit To Eat plan?

    Considering we are 70% water by weight, the best answer is WATER! Maintaining adequate water intake is important when trying to lose weight. Water helps flush out toxins in the body and also aids most of our bodily functions, including the digestive process. Adequate water intake will keep constipation at bay, especially when dietary fiber has been increased. Water also promotes blood circulation by raising blood volumes, thereby maintaining the flow of oxygen to our muscles. This helps keep our energy levels up. The best way to calculate your recommended daily water intake is consume half an ounce of water per pound of body weight. For example, if you weigh 160 pounds, you should be consuming 80 ounces of water. There is 8 ounces of water in a cup so 80 ounces divided by 8 = 10 cups of water. There are 4 cups of water per liter so you would be consuming 2.5 liters (10/4) per day. If you are struggling at the thought of drinking that much water, dry decaffeinated teas, lemon, lime, or event fresh mint to your water and before you know it, you’ve consumed your daily dose. Caffeinated beverages and sugary pop and juice don’t count!

  • What if I’m not hungry, do I still have to eat all 5 meals?

    Yes! The idea here is that we want you consuming smaller meals more often for better blood sugar control AND because your body only requires a certain amount of energy (in the form of calories) to get you through a few hours in your day which means if you get extra calories at meal time, you guessed it, those calories get stored as body fat because your body has enough and you’ve given it too much! Your metabolism is at its lowest towards the end of the day so if you were to consume a typical large dinner, you would likely store even more body fat as a result. Did you know that on average, a Sumo wrestler only eats two very large meals a day? So for those of you who want to have the body of a Sumo wrestler then the Fit To Eat Diet is not for you but if you want to be healthy and fit, give us a try!

  • Can I be on the Fit To Eat plan if I am pregnant or nursing?

    Yes! While pregnant or while nursing, doctors recommend that women maintain a healthy diet for both themselves and their babies. As a growing fetus or nursing baby needs nutrients and calories, a higher calorie range is recommended to meet those dietary requirements (about an additional 300-500 calories a day). Fit To Eat™ will make the necessary changes to facilitate this by adding an additional meal (sometimes best as heartburn is often a culprit in pregnancy and smaller meals are easier to digest) or increasing the caloric value of other meals. Be sure to speak to one of our customer service representatives about altering your meal plan and keep both mom and baby healthy.

  • How quickly can I expect positive results from the Fit To Eat plan?

    Results vary however many Fit To Eat™ clients have reported losing up to 5 pounds in the first week, reduced cravings within 3 days, feeling more energetic and getting a better night’s sleep within the first 5 days of the meal plan. Before you know it, your clothes will begin to feel looser and your self-esteem will increase keeping you focused and on track!

  • I have high cholesterol; can I still follow the Fit To Eat plan?

    Of course! One of the main culprits of high cholesterol is trans-fats and the Fit To Eat plan has healthy balanced meals that and keep unhealthy cholesterol out! Trans-fats are linked to coronary artery disease, raise LDLs (the bad cholesterol), decrease HDL (the good cholesterol), disrupt the metabolism of our essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6), are related to cancer and heart disease and decrease our immunity but not to worry, we don’t like them either and keep them out of sight and out of mind when menu planning for you!

  • Can Fit To Eat help with my Diabetes?

    Yes, assuming you follow the full plan (2 snacks, 3 meals a day). The reason we are ideal for Diabetics is because the Fit To Eat plan focuses on complex, high fiber carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy omega-rich fats in proper balance and combination. Our plan helps regulate insulin levels and as a result an excellent option for people who suffer from Type II diabetes in particular. It may also help Type I Diabetics however before starting our program we highly recommend you speak to your doctor.

  • What if I am on medication?

    We recommend that you always consult your doctor before starting a weight loss plan or make drastic changes to your diet. There can be contraindications with certain foods and medications so be sure to let us know what medications you are on, that you got your doctor’s OK and if necessary, we can modify our plan to suit your needs. Never cut back on or change your medications without consulting your doctor.

  • Will I gain the weight back if and when I decide to stop the Fit To Eat plan?

    The first thing to know is that Fit To Eat™ is very mindful of this concern and as a result we will set you up for success if you decide to leave us (we will miss you if you go!). We teach you, our clients along the way why you are eating this way so that you can adapt the principles when dining out or cooking for yourself. We want you to understand the fundamentals behind the plan, why proper food combining is important and recognize that not all foods are equal. It will be easy for you to move forward and stay on track!